Essential Oils Insect Repellent Recipe

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I know y’all are gonna think I’ve gone crazy with the essential oils stuff. Truly I haven’t. Not really. Though I am excited to be able to use more natural products in our home and on my body when they do really work and smell good. 
The weather has been so lovely in Kentucky lately, so I’ve been spending more time outdoors, especially in the early morning, when I love having quiet time out on the deck, and in the evening when I enjoy eating dinner out there and just spending some downtime with the family. Sometimes, I even take my laptop out and do some work late into the night. 
Unfortunately, it seems the mosquitoes enjoy dinner at dusk out on my deck, too. And it’s usually me they are snacking on. Along with those biting gnat things, no-see-ums, and whatever other winged thing that likes to bite me, it can get pretty miserable.
I hate, hate, hate insect repellents. I hate the smell. I hate that I have to shower as soon as I come inside. And I hate the thought of those chemicals (deet!) sprayed onto the largest organ of my body — my skin. So just like the ADHD research, I did some looking around and lots of reading to see if I could come up the right essential oils recipe for an insect repellent, too. 
I mixed up a recipe and started using it immediately. Want to know how many mosquito bites I’ve had while hanging out on the deck? None. Zip. Zero. Nada. Not one bite. I am thrilled. So, at the risk of becoming that homeschool blogger who has gone nuts with essential oils, I thought I would share my recipe and how I’m using it. 
essential oils insect repellent
{this post contains affiliate links}

Essential Oils Insect Repellent Recipe

10 drops cedarwood
10 drops lavender
10 drops rosemary
If ticks are possibly an issue, I would add 10 drops of Rose Geranium to the recipe. According to my research, the most effective of all of these oils is the lemon eucalyptus.
If you happen to have essential oils on hand, you could makes some substitutions with the following:
Just don’t leave out the lemon eucalyptus or rose geranium (if you need that for ticks).
I double the above recipe and then add fractionated coconut oil to fill one of these roller bottles. Some people might react to  straight oils (I do fine with this recipe straight), but it’s best to mix with a carrier oil to reduce the possibility of a skin reaction. I generally just roll some on around my ankles and in the bend of my elbows. This method seems to work great for those “hanging around the backyard” times. It’s super handy to carry in my purse or pocket. The other day, we met friends at the park and I whipped it right out of my purse, after getting a bite immediately. My friend used it, too, and now wants the recipe for a 2-week RV trip her family will soon take. 
If you’re going to be out hiking, camping, picnicking, etc. and in need a lot of coverage then add the above recipe to a 4 oz bottle of 1/2 distilled (or boiled) water and close to 1/2 witch hazel or vodka (leave room at the top to be able to shake before use). Vodka is apparently known to provide additional benefits, but witch hazel is just fine to use. It won’t hurt clothing. Just don’t get it in your eyes.
Any bottle you use needs to be glass and blue or amber to protect it from sunlight. I use these 4 oz cobalt blue spray bottles.  
 My current favorite essential oils supplier is Mountain Rose Herbs, but certainly buy from whomever you are most comfortable.
 mosquito essential oils
Coming soon . . .my recipe for migraine headaches. Yes, it works, too. And no, I promise I’m not becoming the crazy essential oils lady. At least I don’t think so. Only time will tell. 
Do you use essential oils? What are your favorites? And what are your best uses? 
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  • purplesquirrel90

    Awesome sauce! I had played around with a natural repellant about 8 years ago, but didn’t keep up with it. Was just contemplating doing research again~ so thank you! :)

    • Marcy @ Ben and Me

      yay! let me know what you think if you make it!

  • Wendy

    I’m glad you shared this, Marcy! Mosquitoes absolutely love feasting on me!! (‘Cause I’m so sweet, right?) I’m going to give this a try. :)

  • Stacie Lewin

    I have seen a spray version but I like the idea of the roller bottle better. I will have to try this as we have been getting bitten alive by mosquito since we have been having so much rain.

  • Garden Valley Homestead

    Marcy, I like your recipe. There are many iterations of it. Use what works. (Have you been bitten by the EO Bug 😉 ? )

  • Michele Pleasants

    Oh, I hope you are becoming a crazy oil lady! You are in good company, promise! 😉

  • Traci Hamm Best

    I appreciate your candid advise that is free from branded opinion. (I could HUG YOU!) The more I read about the MLM EO companies…the more I question the whole thing. What I have seen so far with personal use is that they are going to be beneficial for our family issues…depression, ADHD and FAS/E. They function to soothe and focus. I’m looking forward to trying this combination soon to combat our plethora of BUGS here in our new country setting! 😀 <3 Thank you for information and not trying to sell me something!

  • Traci Hamm Best

    The kids all love the smell…even the little guys! They all thought it was lemony and liked it way better than what we have been using for bugs. The three older kids are eaten UP with bug bites…but the boys seem to be impervious to them. LOL I guess we will see how this works…but on the smell scale we liked it very well. (Original recipe w/Geranium and using the water/vodka mixture for a spray bottle.)

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