ABC Blogging Favorites for Letters I and J

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You might have noticed that I’ve been doing 2 letters at a time for my favorites. It’s actually working quite well for me to do that, so I’m gong to continue that trend . . . on purpose! And hopefully, publish on Saturday the week following the 2nd letter. 

It will give you all lots of choice in reading the best of the best from the past couple of weeks, as well as making things a little easier for me. 

If you missed my entries for the letters I and J, you can read about Intercession and Judgment.

Now for some of my favorites for these letters: 


Letter I

infant routinesInfant Routines for Better Sleep and a Happy Baby at Blessedly Busy 

I started changing the schedule.  Let’s nurse every 2 ½ hours (instead of 3).  Yay!  Less screaming.  A few weeks later; let’s not care about when the baby sleeps.  At about 4 months old, I am not scheduling anything anymore.  The schedule has become a routine; a relaxed routine that makes Mommy and Baby happy.


icy treatsIcy Treats at Faith, Family and Fridays

We LOVE ice cream and anything icy in this house.  Both have long been staples in our house.  Ice creams, shakes, floats, popsicles- you name it, if involves ice cream, we love it.

Here is the problem with that.  Dyes and preservatives. And then more dyes and preservatives. 


internetplanningpinInternet Resources for Planning a Field Trip at Adventures with Jude

One of the best things about the internet is there are so many resources for planning field trips.  Starting with the website of your destination, you can find answers to almost any question you have about a place you’d like to visit.  From attractions to nearby snack shops, you can find whatever you need to have a great trip. 


italian soupItalian Vegetable Soup at Treasuring Life’s Blessings

I know, it’s summertime and who eats soup over summer? We do actually! In fact, using your crockpot to warm up a batch of soup from the freezer is a great way to not heat up your kitchen (& makes for a super easy meal!)  I love making this over summer because all the veggies & herbs this recipe calls for can come fresh from my garden! 


iforitchItch from Simblissity Cottage

Last year, I shared a remedy for mosquito bites that is insanely simple and chemical-free. I’m sharing again so that no one misses this awesome tip!





Letter J

joyJoy at Under the Sky

I woke up from a troubling dream this morning and had a hard time finding joy. The dream was somewhat apocalyptic and I was essentially alone–no husband and no children. I woke up thinking, would I have joy if I was physically all alone in the world?


joy_LordJoy at The Joyful Keeper

I didn’t have to just choose joy, this week.  I had to chase after it, and hunt it down like, well, a hunter!


justiceJustice at Looking Out the 10/40 Window

Justice. It’s a big concept. We all want it, but we don’t always know what it looks like. We don’t always recognize it, and sometimes, we fail to see it done. Sometimes the struggle to get it seems hopeless and we are tempted to give up. When we are, we need to step back and check our perspective.


journalismJournalism at The Canadian Homeschooler

Journalism is the compilation and editing of news to present in media. Here are some resources for your students to learn more about journalism, researching and creating articles.


joy daily routineFinding Joy in Our Daily Routine at Suncoast Momma

We had a wonderful relaxing time on the beautiful beach of southern Sarasota county. It’s easy to find joy when there’s nothing to do but stare at the horizon, sleep all day and go swimming. But how can I find joy when I get back home?  


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