Finding Comfort Amid the Discomfort

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(Along with the diagnosis of Lupus, comes many unpleasantries. Lupus is a disease of inflammation. Sometimes this affects my joints. Other times, my gut.)

Finding Comfort Amid the Discomfort

I awoke to the all too familiar pangs of what I commonly refer to as “Lupus gut.” Not having given birth, I call on my past experience as a delivery nurse when I liken it to labor. Waves of intense cramping, followed by bouts of nausea, force me into fetal position as I wait out this latest episode. 

As I lie there, curled up into as tight a ball as I can make, a faint “ding” comes through my new smart phone, the one I said I would never buy because I didn’t want to be tied to a phone. I bought it anyway in an effort to make my life as a social media manager a bit easier. The irony of how it now blesses is not lost on me this morning. 

“Good morning. How are you?” is the message I read. It comes from a far-away friend. One I have not yet hugged in person, but has become a sister of the heart. A true friend in whom I can confide anything. I am safe knowing I can respond with, “My belly really hurts. Please pray.” I have no doubt she will do exactly that. Fervently. 

Time is passing slowly, and I realize I am moaning when my son comes darting into the room. “Momma, are you okay?” I share with him also, about how my belly hurts. This sweet child of mine lays his hands on my back, and begins to pray out loud, “God, I know we don’t deserve healing or forgiveness . . . but please make my mommy feel better.” 

In that moment I find comfort amid the obvious discomfort.

Jesus has drawn two people unto Himself today. 

Make that three. 

Is anyone among you suffering? Let him pray. Is anyone cheerful? Let him sing praise. (James 5:13)

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  • Melanie (Wren)

    Beautiful, Marcy. May God bless you and heal you….and continue to pour out His comfort and His love!

    • Marcy @ Ben and Me

      thank you, sweet friend.

  • Victoria @HomemakingWithHeart

    Praying that the Father meets you in your pain, and you will know a sweet touch of His presence today.

    • Marcy @ Ben and Me

      thank you, Victoria!

  • marya

    praying for you today marcy!


    • Marcy @ Ben and Me

      thank you, marya! and me, for you, too.

  • Emmalee Hoggatt

    Praying for you! You brought tears to my eyes! Your sweet soon and his honest prayers. To have have the faith of a child!

    • Marcy @ Ben and Me

      praying for you, too, sweet friend.

  • Angie Schott

    Praying for you. I’m so sorry you have to go through this. It definitely sounds like you’ve done an amazing job raising Ben to live for God!

    • Marcy @ Ben and Me

      praying for you, too, my friend.

      • Angie Schott

        Thank you, sweet friend! Love you!

  • Kelli- HSAdventurez

    I love you sister!

    • Marcy @ Ben and Me

      I love you more!

  • Jennifer A. Janes

    I continue to pray.

    • Marcy @ Ben and Me

      thank you for your faithfulness, sweet friend. me, for you, too.

      • Jennifer A. Janes

        Thank you!

  • leahrc

    This is exactly what I needed today. I woke up with a bad migraine and fibromyalgia pain. Thank you for writing this. I’m happy that we can pray for each other.

    • Marcy @ Ben and Me

      praying for you today, sweet friend.

  • Tessa W

    I pray that you are feeling better today. What an incredible son you have to pray for you like that! Even in the midst of suffering, God’s goodness shines through.

  • Beth Hollmann

    I will pray for you, Marcy, anytime. You’re on my list – let me know if you need extra. <3

  • Domestic Imp

    What a beautiful post. I deal with RSD (Relex Sympathetic Dystrophy, aka CRPS, Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome), and like you, there are times where all I can do is curl up and wait for the pain to ebb to a managable level. Your son’s prayer made me tear up.

    Praying for you <3

    Found you via BYB

  • Tina Fussell

    What a blessing sons are! I have chronic neck pain that leads to intense headaches. My son can take one look at me and see when a headache is coming on. He’s many times banished me to my room with an ice pack for my neck and a, “I’ve got everything covered, Mom.”

    Praying for you.

    Found you via BYB (but I’ve been here before.(-: )

  • Mommy Battles

    You’ve done an amazing job raising your son. His prayer brought tears to my eyes. Praying for you.

    Visiting from the BYB challenge