Celebrate Fall with a Nature Study! {free printable}

There are lots of things about the autumn season I love. Like food. You did see this humongous collection of Cozy Fall Recipes I posted a couple of weeks ago, right? 
Besides the food, my other very favorite thing about fall is nature. The brilliance of leaves changing the colors, the joy of watching squirrels scurry around collecting fallen acorns, the cooler temperatures. We have loved collecting leaves for collages and going on scavenger hunts since Ben was a little tyke. 
I began creating notebooking pages for him for each season a couple of years ago. I’ve shared them here and there on the blog for your family to enjoy as well. Finally, I have taken a few minutes to put them all together, and even added a few new pages, to create this Nature through the Seasons ebook for you.  
Inside you’ll find a scavenger hunt, nature journaling pages, and nature activity pages for all 4 seasons, a total of 20 pages. For this week, it is free for your family to download, print and use. I hope you and your kids enjoy exploring God’s glorious creation and recording your finds with this printable.

Download my FREE nature study printable: Nature Through the Seasons.  

Free Nature Study Journal


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