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Free Kindle books, primarily for Christian moms!
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Sacagawea: Stolen! by Karla Akins — Stolen! is part 1 of the riveting historical narrative of Sacagawea and the events surrounding the Lewis and Clark discovery of the west.

An intimate look into the life of Sacagawea, this interactive “living book” provides an unforgettable historical experience for students and adults alike. With emotional and factual honesty, the first person narrative brings into focus the truth about the life of the most beloved woman in American history.


I Can Teach My Child to Read by Jenae Jacobson — Within the pages of I Can Teach My Child to Read, you will find the basic fundamentals of teaching a child to read in simple, easy-to-understand language that can be implemented the minute you set this book down. You are your child’s first and most important teacher! Whether your child will attend public school, private school, or be home-schooled…what you do in the early years of her life will greatly impact her reading ability for years to come.

$2.99 (reg. $9.99)

Love Finds You in Victory Heights, Washington by Tricia Goyer and Ocieanna Fleiss — After losing her fiance in the war, Rosalie throws herself into her riveting work at the local Boeing plant. When a handsome reporter dubs her “Seattle’s Own Rosie the Riveter,” she finds herself a reluctant national hero. Fear of a second heartbreak is a powerful opponent…but will it claim victory over love?

$1.99 (reg. $9.99)
Arms of Deliverance by Tricia Goyer — Arms of Deliverance is the fourth and final chapter in the thrilling World War II series. Mary and Lee have gone from best friends to competing WWII journalists, but a bombing raid gone wrong puts Mary’s life at risk and sends Lee on a heroic rescue attempt through the fierce teeth of combat. Then, amidst an adventurous struggle for freedom, they uncover the story of the unspeakable Lebensborn atrocity.

With equal doses of adrenaline and poignancy, Tricia Goyer’s storytelling brings well-crafted characters to life in a graphically authentic World War II setting. She places readers not only behind enemy lines into the heat of battle, but also deep into the innermost sanctuary of the human heart.

$1.99 (reg. $9.99)

Dawn of a Thousand Nights by Tricia Goyer — Following on the heels of Goyer-s From Dust and Ashes and Night Song, readers journey with Dan Fletcher and Libby Conner, both U.S. pilots fighting in WWII-s Pacific Theater. Fletcher is captured by the Japanese and is forced to endure the horror of the Bataan Death March in the Philippines. It is here that he encounters Natsu Hidiki, a guard whose nagging conscience won-t let him ignore the human degradation in which he is participating. Libby Conner is a WASP (Women-s Air Force Service Pilot), who ferries military planes between Hawaii and the South Pacific. By the time of the attack on Pearl Harbor, she has turned the head of Fletcher in no small way.  

Weary Bones by Bruce Walker — Weary Bones is a tale of two protagonists, in which the rediscovering of the history of one, Samuel Yordy, is a savior for the first, John Walden Steinberg III. An ambitious young reporter from Ithaca, New York, John’s future career depends on his next scoop. With his newspaper laying off staff and with mounting personal debts, John is desperate to prove himself worthy of his marriage and career. The thought of being poor for the rest of his life is frightening, and yet the reality of that is currently sliding into certainty. But his persistence, prayers, and a slew of sleepless nights lead him to discover the most thought-provoking story of his career, found in the most unusual place.

A spur of the moment vacation to his in-laws lands him precisely where he needs to be. His morning stroll leads him to a Christian artifacts store. Here he learns the local legend of Samuel Yordy, the Amish minister who, as America began to pick itself up after the devastating earthquakes, lead his people on an exodus to a new future in ‘the Commons’. Treacherous and perilous, not all of his flock survived to make it to their new promised land…

Meet Me in Heaven by Sarah Price — Rush hour traffic, a long light, and a quick decision that could change her life leads the mourning Madeline Delaney on a journey to face her past, present, and future on Christmas Eve. Coming face to face with her belief in God, Madeline has a choice to make, one that will either separate her from God or bring her closer to Him. 

Taste and See by Lorilyn Roberts — “Taste and See” is a generous sampling of first chapters and other writings by John 3:16 Marketing Network authors. In this collection of fiction and non-fiction, you will find writing targeted for all age levels, including children’s picture books, young adult, adult, devotionals, short stories, recipes and poems.

Star of Babylon by Bethany Wallace — A lonely king. A woman of courage. An evil conspiracy.

From a humble Hebrew girl to queen of Shushan, Esther has no way of knowing that she has a divine purpose to fulfil.

When she learns that wicked Haman, the king’s high official, is plotting the widespread destruction of the Jews, she uses her position to try to rescue her people. But that requires revealing that she herself is a Jew. Will Haman’s plot succeed? And will Esther’s request for an audience with the king bring her certain death?

A novel based upon the biblical account of Queen Esther. “Who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this.” —Esther 4:14

Covenant by Beverly Lewis — Book 1 of Abram’s Daughters series from bestselling author Beverly Lewis. Years of secrecy bind the tiny community of Gobbler’s Knob together more than the present inhabitants know, and the Plain folk who farm the land rarely interact with the fancy locals. So when Sadie is beguiled by a dark-haired English boy, it is Sadie’s younger sister, Leah, who suffers from her sister’s shameful loss of innocence. And what of Leah’s sweetheart, Jonas Mast, sent to Ohio under the Bishop’s command? Drawn into an incomprehensible pact with her older sister, Leah finds her dreams spinning out of control, even as she clings desperately to the promises of God. 

Gods and Kings: Chronicles of the Kings by Lynn Austin — Gods and Kings is the story of King Hezekiah, heir to the throne of King David. When his evil father plots to sacrifice him, Hezekiah’s mother, Abijah, searches frantically for a way to save him. But only two men can help her, and neither of them seems trustworthy. In a time and place engulfed by violence, treachery, and infidelity to Yahweh, Abijah and her son must discover the one true Source of strength if they are to save themselves and their country.

Land of My Heart by Tracie Peterson — Book 1 of Heirs of Montana from bestselling author Tracie Peterson. Adventurers, families, outlaws…all driven west in the 1860s by a longing for endless blue sky along with wild and wide-open spaces. Tracie Peterson, from her own Montana home, paints an unforgettable portrait of this rich, rugged landscape, populated by strong and spirited characters. When Dianne Chadwick urges her family to move west to her uncle’s ranch in the Montana Territory, she has no idea that her new life in the rugged frontier–and even within her uncle’s home–will not be the idyllic adventure she expects. But first she has to survive the arduous wagon journey with the help of guide Cole Selby, whose heart seems to be as hard as the mountains he loves.

Darcy Goes to War by Mary Simonsen — Spring 1944 – Britain is now in its fourth year of war. In order to defeat Adolph Hitler and his Nazis, everyone in the country must do his or her bit. While a young Elizabeth Bennet makes her contribution by driving a lorry, Fitzwilliam Darcy flies Lancaster bombers over Germany. Because of the war, both are wary of falling in love, but when the two meet near an airbase in Hertfordshire, all bets are off. 

Set against the background of World War II, in Darcy Goes to War, Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy battle something more than class differences. The greatest evil of the 20th Century is trying to bring Britain to its knees. In order to be together, they must survive the war.

The Marriage Price by Alma Katsu — Evangeline McDougal is the luckiest girl in St. Andrew, Maine. She’s to wed Jonathan St. Andrew, eldest son of the town’s founder and heir to the timber business that has made the St. Andrews one of the wealthiest families in the state. 

Nor does it hurt that her bridegroom is so very handsome. Irresistible, in fact. And when rumors fly about her husband-to-be and several of the other girls in town. . . . What is Evangeline to think? There is a price to pay for her marriage to Jonathan, but surely it is worth the cost.

Isn’t it?


Unspoken Abandonment by Bryan Woods — One of the most powerful and moving stories you will ever read, this book will completely change the way you look at life. ‘Unspoken Abandonment’ is the story of one man’s struggle to return home from the war in Afghanistan, only to find the person he once was may never be the same.

Bryan Wood is a military veteran who served during combat operations in Eastern Afghanistan. After returning from combat, he found that his life was falling apart at every turn, and Bryan faced the greatest battle of his life in finding his own peace. He surprisingly found the answer was hidden within a daily journal kept while at war, and Bryan’s path ultimately led him to find redemption in the most unexpected of places: love.

Cry Into the Wind by Othello Bach — Cry into the Wind is a spellbinding story of triumph over incredible tragedy, and an inspirational guide for those struggling to overcome the effects of abuse. Abject poverty, a house fire that claimed her mother’s life, the loneliness of an orphanage where she was separated from her siblings… and so much more … yet nothing was able to break Othello Bach’s spirit. She couldn’t read until the eighth grade, yet sold her first novel to Avon Books at the age of 27. She is the author off 17 published books and has 35 recorded songs by Broadway, TV, and Hollywood stars Joel Grey, Tammy Grimes, and Sandy Duncan. 

Getting Your Child Involved with Computers by Colin Palfrey — Getting Your Child Involved With Computers: In this guide you will learn the easiest ways to protect your children from seeing objectionable material online, while giving them an understanding of computers that will help them throughout their life.

You will be able to help them to start blogging. This will not only give them a head start in life, the useful skills they learn will also create a productive and enjoyable hobby for them. 

Understanding computers is no longer just an advantage, it is something that is needed throughout life. This guide has been written so that even someone with a very basic knowledge of computers can still help their child excel in this field.

Not only will you learn how to give your child this head-start, you will be able to do so secure in the knowledge they won’t see anything inappropriate.

Build Your Vocabulary Skills by John La Carna — This book uses a powerful mnemonic technique, the keyword method, to lock 1413 SAT and GRE words into the reader’s memory quickly and easily. Dramatic improvements can be made in vocabulary size, reading comprehension, and scores on verbal exams. Since standard intelligence tests have significant verbal components, a major increase in vocabulary such as can be facilitated by this book should increase IQ scores. 

How to Teach Children to Read by J. Manzoni — Originally written in 1998, this new Edition shows you how to start teaching your children to read. It covers the Teaching Environment, Phonics, Reading Readiness, Repetition, Tactile Presence, Accelerated Readers, and so much more. Learn to Read the Easy Way with this Guide.

How Katie Moonlight Got Her Name by Karen Rosario Ingerslev — When Kate finds the name of a princess abandoned by a river, she promptly throws her own name away and assumes a new identity as the carefree Chiti Lita. But far from being treated as a princess, Chiti Lita is kidnapped by a miserable bear and taken to the Garden of Black and White, a mysterious place where the grass is grey and the flowers are painted by a band of talking goats.

For as long as anyone in the Garden can remember, a deadly war has been waging between the wonderful Darlin De Vurthoope and the elusive Man in the Moon. A tower reaching to the moon is under construction and Darlin vows that as soon as the war is won they will all live as kings and queens.

Captivated by Darlin’s promises, Chiti Lita renounces her old life in favour of a new one in the Garden. She is initiated into the brotherhood of goats and quickly becomes friends with the merry Lucky, simple Lonan and melancholy Noble who is pretty sure he hasn’t always been a goat.

Life in the Garden is simple until Chiti Lita discovers something awful in Darlin’s throne room, and further trouble comes when the real princess arrives looking for her name.

King Arthur Returns by Terence O’Grady — To twelve-year old James and his younger sister Susie, World War II seems as if it will never end. But the sleepy little town of St. Bees on England’s western coast seems an unlikely place for the Nazis to attack, so the children, staying with their Aunt Charlotte, seem safe for now.

Against the wishes of his aunt, James joins with a group of other boys to visit an old abandoned coalmine on the outskirts of the village. They’re looking for adventure and perhaps even a glimpse of King Arthur’s treasure, which local legend claims is somewhere to be found in St. Bees. The fun ends early when Susie shows up to drag James back home to their aunt. But now a real danger presents itself. The children accidentally come across a Nazi raiding party, seeking to destroy an experimental radar station secretly housed in St. Bees. But when things look bleakest, King Arthur and his Knights, fulfilling a vow to return in England’s “hour of greatest need,” appear to rescue the children.

KiteReaders Classics: The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter — Beatrix Potter’s classic picture book sees new life in this fixed layout eBook version, that renders the original illustrations & text in the fixed layout format preserving the original book design and layout . 

The story follows Peter Rabbit. Peter disobeys his mother’s orders and sneaks into Mr. McGregor’s garden, eating as many vegetables as he can before Mr. McGregor spots him and chases him about. Peter manages to escape, but not before losing his jacket and shoes, which Mr. McGregor uses to dress a scarecrow. Peter returns home weary and ill and is put to bed with a dose of camomile tea.

Battle with the Bugs by Dr. Heather Manley — Merrin and Pearl’s little cousin Max is sick, threatening everyone’s Mexican holiday. This time the girls land themselves in Max’s body, witnessing firsthand the immune system in action. They befriend a white blood cell warrior who leads them into battle against the offending bacteria…

In Search of the Beast by Stuart Rivers — If your world is ruled by a despot, who do you turn to for help? When Kirk, Baz, Brek and Edgar need that help, they are propelled on an adventure to find the mythical ‘Beast’, the only being who seems able to rid their world of the tyrant Craddock. No mean feat when you are four fledgling herring gulls, your world is the beach and the despotic ruler is a great black-backed gull.

Follow the four, feathered friends as they set out to avenge the death of Kirk’s parents and rid their world of Craddock and his family. Embarking on a mission to find ‘The Beast’, they discover new friends and experiences as they journey to the bleak moorland where ‘The Beast’ is said to have his home. Will they find him? Turn the page to join them on their journey.

Kyrgyz Legends by Oksana Vasilenko — Kyrgyzstan is a small country in Central Asia which extends about 900 km from east to west and 400 km from north to south. Most of its territory is taken by the mountains of Tien Shan and Pamir. It has some of the highest peaks in the world, like the Victory Peak which towers at 7,439 m (24,406 ft) and is the northernmost 7,000-metre mountain.

People of many different ethnicities live in Kyrgyzstan, but the majority of the country’s population are the Kyrgyz people. Traditionally, the Kyrgyz people were nomads who lived in yurts (circular tents made of felt on wooden framework). In the summer they took their herds of horses, cows and sheep to jailoo (summer pastures in the mountains). For the winter they returned to the valleys.

Here are four legends from the beautiful land of Kyrgyzstan.

Dinosaurs by Kay de Silva — Bestselling children’s author Kay de Silva presents “Dinosaurs”. The book uses captivating illustrations and carefully chosen words to teach children about “The Great Lizards”. 

This series is known as one of the most beautiful on the kindle. The pictures look great even in black and white and are excellent on the full color kindle. The description in the large text beneath is simple enough for early readers or for a parent to guide a child through.

There is also a picture caption, which provides more information to talk about with your child. Alternatively, a child of any age (even the child in you) can just look at the images and appreciate its beauty.

This book depicts the wonder of the world of Dinosaurs in all its glory. Children are given a well-rounded understanding of this fascinating creature: its anatomy, feeding habits and behavior.

Logic to the Rescue by Chris Langman — Logic to the Rescue is designed to teach kids critical thinking. A combination of fiction and non-fiction, it weaves examples of logical fallacies into a fictional sword-and-sorcery fantasy. Simple examples for testing a hypothesis and setting up experiments in chemistry and physics are integrated into the plot.

Who will it appeal to?

Kids ages 10 to 14, though adults who want to brush up on their knowledge of logical fallacies such as post hoc ergo propter hoc, ad hominem, and counting the hits may also enjoy the book.

Planet Explorers Space Mountain by Laura Schaefer — Space Mountain is one of the most famous theme park rides of all time. And with good reason–this super-fun indoor roller coaster lets riders feel as if they’re traveling through outer space. There are five Space Mountains in the world. The first was built in Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida and was followed by a version at Disneyland in California. Next, a Space Mountain was built Toyko Disneyland in Japan, Disneyland Paris in France and finally, inside Hong Kong Disneyland.

Riders experience lots of thrills as they fly through wormholes and past planets, stars, comets, asteroids, supernovae and nebula–learning about astronomy has never been so awesome!

Mark the Moose Visits U.S. National Parks by Leanne Pitman — Take your child on a tour of the U.S. National Parks with Mark the Moose. 

Mark visits The Grand Canon, Yellowstone, Yosemite and more in this wonderful book.


Vegetarian Variety by Denise Dale — What a group of recipes! From BBQ to fantastic tasting wraps to delicious Oriental vegetarian recipes, to salads and more! If your looking for a vegetarian dish then one of these 29 recipes will satisfy your appetite. How about some Japanese Egg Soup or Sesame Green Beans? Maybe you’re in the mood for some delicious grilled vegetable skewers or a guacamole wrap. I’m betting you’ll find a new favorite recipe inside and I hope you enjoy them all!

Green Tea by Cathy Chiu — Green tea is probably one of the latest health and beauty trends today. Supermarkets and convenience stores now sell a wide array of green tea-flavored beverages. Cosmetic companies manufacture one green tea-enriched beauty product after another. Surprisingly, though, green tea has been around for many generations. Why is it only now that people started noticing its benefits?

The answer is simple—people are now turning to natural health solutions. With the global economy in the doldrums, people are looking for effective, but affordable ways to keep themselves healthy. Experts have proven that green tea can be just as effective—but not as expensive—as prescription drugs in preventing or curing certain diseases.

The Obesity Cure by George Scheele — At last, a breakthrough in nutritional science that identifies both the cause and solution of obesity, America’s #1 metabolic disease. Using a lifetime of scientific achievement and clinical insight, Nobel associate and author, Dr. George Scheele, explains how to use nature’s gift–Power Amino Acids–to avoid “addictive taste disorders”? and harness the body’s own feedback mechanisms to tame appetite, rebalance metabolism, and normalize body weight. In The Obesity Cure Dr. Scheele shows that obesity is only one in a spectrum of metabolic diseases associated with the Metabolic Syndrome and accelerated aging. He demonstrates how the current “paradoxes”? of obesity and metabolic health prove that something “essential”? is missing in our current understanding of nutritional health and weight control. 

Naturally Skinny by Samantha Brown — Many recipes might be under 350 calories, but are they also completely organic and absolutely delicious? The recipes are clearly laid out with an ingredient list, step-by-step instructions, the number of servings, the calories per serving, the total fat per serving and a clever description that will entice you to prepare it. This comprehensive collection of 100 appetizing organic recipes will keep you and your family satisfied and healthy for a lifetime to come.

Naturally Skinny 100 Organic Recipes includes some of the most mouthwatering organic recipes in existence from flavorsome breakfasts, succulent lunches, delightful snacks, savory sides and luscious dinners to yummy desserts that everyone including the kids will love. 

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