Apps Day Review — QuizCloud (iHomeEducator)

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You have the iPad, you have the students, now you want to find a way to intentionally combine the  two beyond Angry Birds or Minecraft. 
How about an app that allows you to created customized quizzes?  
QuizCloud from does just that! 
Or perhaps you’d like to find some quizzes based on subject and grade already created? 
QuizCloud does that, too! 

QuizCloud from iHomeEducator is a hosted subscription based service for quiz data sets categorized by grade level. All registered users will have access to this cloud based database.

Teachers can create and share their quiz data set with others who have signed up for the QuizCloud subscription service. 

Quiz data sets will also be uploaded by iHomeEducator and will span several subjects over time including:

SAT vocabulary
Pre-Algebra (cupcakes, Thanksgiving, and Holiday themes)
STEM (Biology, inventors, and Geometry)
History/Geography Facts (US States and Presidents)
Languages (Spanish)
Create text based quiz data sets with 20 question and answer pairs – use unique answers for best results (Internet Access is not required).
Here you can see a partial list of the quizzes already available (more have been added each time we log on it seems). Some are quizzes created by iHomeEducator and others are contributed by the community:
Should you wish to choose a quiz already in the database, you can see ahead of time which questions are included: 
Questions are all multiple choice, with 20 questions per quiz. Your student can choose to have the questions presented in order or randomized. You can even have the quiz results emailed to you. 
This is what an actual question might look like. 
Ben’s favorite part of this app is the whiteboard. He’s a doodler by nature, and especially with math, it’s great that he doesn’t need to have paper to figure out the answers. This app works beautifully for those on the go! 
My favorite part is being able to customize quizzes according to what Ben is learning. Because of the nature of our homeschool style — unit study/delight-directed, we don’t have quizzes built in to our curriculum. Not even on paper. Being able to design a custom quiz for Ben is an invaluable tool. 
Creating a quiz with QuizCloud is super easy. There is a template to enter grade level, subject, and 20 question/answer pairs. You can even add images using a public URL. Then the app creates the quiz for you. 
The only real issue I have with QuizCloud is that the data sets are available to the student if they figure that out. And they will, trust me. The website states that they are considering a student version,  that will only generate the quiz and not allow this access. This would be a wonderful upgrade for this app. Having the answers easily accessible is quite a temptation. 
The cost for QuizCloud is $4.99 on the Appstore and it is compatible with iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch — iOS 5.1 or later. This is a subscription purchase. Initial purchase of QuizCloud will secure 365 days of use. After that, incremental purchases to extend the expiration date are offered at a rate of $0.99/30 days or $9.99/365 days. 
P.S. iHomeEducator has many other very useful iPad/iPhone apps for homeschoolers, including iLiveMath , iLiveGrammar and tons of iPlan apps. They recently launched their first app for Kindle Fire — iLiveMath1!
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