Apps Day Review — iTooch 6th Grade Math App (eduPad)

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Math truly is the most challenging subject in our homeschool. You all have read my words over and over on this topic — it is the bane of my existence. Hardly a week goes by that Ben doesn’t complain about having to do math. 
Even though we’ve finally settled on a core math curriculum (2, in fact), it’s still helpful to have math apps on the iPad for Ben. There’s just something about “appschooling” that makes it more tolerable for him. 
iTooch 6th Grade Math App by eduPad is a  fun way for Ben to learn and practice math. 
With the focus on multiplying and dividing fractions, calculating the percent of a number, and converting units of measurement, iTooch math is relevant and on target for 6th grade students. In fact, for Ben it is quite challenging. It uses a spiral teaching method, which I find helpful for Ben because if he doesn’t practice concepts regularly, he forgets them. 
The app is very intuitive and easy to use. To make it even easier, there are simple instructions with graphics to help you learn. 
Once you’re ready to get started, the home page is your student’s Progress Chart. There are 5 themes, 50 chapters 1,590 activities  Here, on the Progress Chart, you can see the 5 themes for 6th grade. The colored dots and stars indicate when levels have been completed. 
There are 2 modes — Practice and Test. 
In practice mode there is not timer, students can skip questions without penalty, and can answer as many question as they wish in each session. The little boxes on the right keep track of right and wrong answers. 
In test mode, there is a timer per question (1:00) and 6 questions must be answered for the test to be complete. Questions can still be skipped. 
When 6 questions have been answered, the test is complete. Grades can be given as a number — 20/20 or letter grade — A. Extra points are awarded for completely the test quickly and getting all answers correct. As your student completes each level, the Progress Chart is updated and achievements are earned. 
There are 2 features Ben really loves about his app. The first one is the chalkboard. Any time there is a problem he needs to draw to figure out, he uses the chalkboard. It’s so much easier than grabbing pencil and paper. 
His other favorite feature is the calculator. Any time there is a problem that can be worked with the calculator, its little icon pops up. I know that many homeschool moms don’t allow their kids to use them, but I do. Math is such a struggle for Ben and he makes silly mistakes with it, so as long I am convinced he understands a concept, I am fine with him using a calculator. It has made all the difference for him. So having this feature has made this app one he is willing to use for appschooling. 
This app contains more than 1500 exercises, so it’ll be awhile before Ben finishes them all. We use it for reinforcement of concepts along with our core curriculum. However, if you have math savvy kids, you could probably use this app as your core curriculum for math instruction. There are lessons for every concept. A child for whom math comes easily would do very well with them.  
The cost for iTooch 6th Grade Math is $4.99 on the Appstore and it is compatible with iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch — iOS 5.1 or later. 
eduPad also offers iTooch 6th Grade Language Arts for $4.99. 
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