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I have read the Bible cover to cover, in a year, in ninety days, as well as individual portions of the Bible. After all of that reading I wanted to dig in and study, but was never happy with the tools I found to do so. Nothing I used for study seemed to keep me interested. I would either disagree with the doctrine being presented, feel unchallenged, or find the study boring.

I don’t know how I stumbled on Journibles, but I am so glad I did! What are Journibles?

Journibles are journals for books of the Bible, that are pre-marked to guide you through writing God’s Word, every line of that particular book. There are many books available, and depending on the length of the book, there may be one or more for each journal. The first Journible I finished was the book of Romans. I am now penning James-Jude.

There is something so amazing about writing God’s Word out, like the scribes of old did. You come away from a book feeling like you have made a friend.

Here are some things that I love about Journibles:

The short daily passages allow for time to further study the verses you just wrote, this is how I turn journaling into an actual Bible study.

You go at your own pace.

The finished product becomes a legacy to leave behind.

The idea of penning God’s inspired words keeps me writing.

The left side has space for notes and reflections.

Writing at this pace gives me more than a quick glance and has caused me to stop and reflect, as well as highlight and leave notes in my Bible like I never have before.

Sam is a New Testament Christian, who is blissfully happy being a wife of one and a homeschooling mom to six blessings. She enjoys Bible study, organization, blogging, fitness and sweet tea. She is trying her best to add running to that list. You can find Sam blogging over at Sam’s Noggin.


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  • brian

    hello, not sure how I found your blog, but after reading your blog
    wanted to state that your doing a fantastic job and keep up the hard
    work!!!! I lead a men’s bible study in Indianapolis (Indianapolis Cross
    Trainers on facebook) and afterwords the men workout in our barn (I
    call it a fitness fellowship).
    I admire what your doing and glad to see others trying to help others.
    Blessings to you,