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Down the Memory Hole His summer vacation is ruined when twelve-year-old Buzz Collins is forced to share his room and emotional space with his grandfather, who has Alzheimer’s disease, and his parents forbid him to associate with his best friend, Mitch. The thought of giving up his friendship is heartbreaking enough. But how can he relate to someone who forgets his grandson’s name, wears adult diapers, and thinks dog biscuits are people cookies someone who could die in the night and scare Buzz right out of puberty.

Buzz thinks Alzheimer’s is caused by a traumatic event, such as the train accident that killed Grandpa’s brother Barkley. When Grandpa’s mind wanders and he mistakes Buzz for Barkley, Buzz assumes the role of his great uncle, and in the process he develops compassion and appreciation for his grandfather.

The situation turns deadly when Buzz and Mitch – whose friendship Buzz refuses to end – attempt to cure Grandpa of Alzheimer’s disease by recreating the train accident on a hot summer day. 

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi This is the story of a boy and his weasel, a bird and a snake, India and the British Empire. Rudyard Kipling’s dramatic tale, here excerpted from the greater volume of The Jungle Book, is the story of the loyal mongoose, Rikk-Tikki-Tavi, and the lengths to which he must go to protect his adoptive human family. 

Turning Inside Out In an outer world that is impossible, an inner world grows out of the wreckage. Built by a little girl too young to know how it might be done, she did it her way and then lived with it all. This is her story. Searing, shocking, yet holding treasures deep where it matters.

Granddaughter to the man who invented The Lemonade Diet, the Master Cleanse, she knew a different man from what the world pegged as a new-age healer. Behind Stanley Burroughs’ public face was another one. That was the face she saw. That was the man she knew. Knew too well.

This is an autobiography set in the present, during the time of its own writing, but rich with the experiences of a shattered childhood. It shows the consequences of abuse, corruption, and evil on a small child and the woman she grew into – a woman saved by her unique means of engaging with her own psychology. And equally saved by her unique appreciation of beauty. Beauty that can be found even in an ugly world.

Mad Science Institute  Sophia “Soap” Lazarcheck is a girl genius with a knack for making robots-and for making robots explode. After her talents earn her admission into a secretive university institute, she is swiftly drawn into a conspiracy more than a century in the making. Meanwhile and without her knowledge, her cousin Dean wages a two-fisted war of vengeance against a villainous genius and his unwashed minions.

Separately, the cousins must pit themselves against murderous thugs, experimental weaponry, lizard monsters, and a nefarious doomsday device. When their paths finally meet up, they will need to risk everything to prevent a mysterious technology from bringing civilization to a sudden and very messy end. 
Grandpa Hates the Bird “I am no fool. I knew that if I wanted to make it to the end of the week alive, I would have to avoid upsetting Grandpa as much as possible. No singing, no playful nips, no jaunty bell.”

Bird and Grandpa stay home in Massachusetts while Mother, Father, Joseph and Maya head south for a winter holiday. When Grandpa determines to set tropical Bird free in freezing February, Bird must use every bit of bird brain power to outsmart him.

• Will Bird become a parrot popsicle?
• What’s in the creepy second bedroom where no one ever goes?
• Do Grandpa and Bird play Dig a Hole to China and Send Birdie on a Trip?

In the spirit of Tom and Jerry, Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd, and Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote, here come Bird and Grandpa in the hilarious first short story in the Grandpa Hates the Bird series! 

Wiggle, Wiggle, Bloop, Bloop Fun words for small children are contained within these color pages as the watercolor paintings come alive with sounds.

The recommended age range is 0 – 3 years old. This book is great for learning animals and silly rhymes while enjoying fun pictures.

Follow the Bouncing Ball  Kicker, the bouncing ball, takes the reader on a counting adventure – in English and Spanish. 
Anne’s Amazing Animal Alphabet   Amazing Animal Alphabet is a full color ABC book that focuses upon children learning their phonics. With phrases like “Abby the Ant Adds Apples and Apricots”, small children can listen to their parents and learn how each letter should sound with multiple words on each page. Older children can practice their oral reading skills as each page is a potential tongue twister. 
Brain Games  Brain Games & Puzzles: Word Scramble Brain Games – For Parents & Kids -Increase Cognitive Spelling Skills – Fun 3 Level Game 
Stolen Crown The title refers to King Edward IV’s secret marriage to Elizabeth Woodville, which serves as catalyst to the exploits of the main characters, Woodville’s younger sister Katherine and her first husband, Henry Stafford, Duke of Buckingham. Great artistic license is taken in fictionalizing their marriage as a mostly happy one. Those without a strong knowledge of the period will find the book daunting, due to ever-changing alliances and the sheer number of characters, but more knowledgeable readers may find the fruits of Higginbotham’s imagination more difficult to swallow. Higginbotham’s Henry seems to wander through his life making impolitic outbursts to King Edward, hero-worshipping Richard, and, later, innocently led by Richard’s machinations. The majority of the book is narrated by Katherine, whom historians know very little about; she makes an appealing heroine, and those who can suspend disbelief will sympathize quite strongly with this character and the plight of a noble woman in Medieval times. 
Martha Ann’s Quilt for Queen Victoria  Martha Ann is twelve years old when Papa finally saves enough money to purchase her freedom from slavery. In 1830, the family leaves east Tennessee to begin a new life in Liberia. On market days, Martha Ann watches the British navy patrolling the Liberian coast to stop slave catchers from kidnapping her family and friends and forcing them back into slavery. Martha Ann decides to thank Queen Victoria in person for sending the navy. But first, she must determine how to make the 3,500-mile voyage to England, find a suitable gift for the Queen, and withstand the ridicule of family and friends who learn of her impossible dream. Martha Ann’s Quilt for Queen Victoria is the true story of Martha Ann Ricks, an ex-slave who spent fifty years saving spare coins to fulfill her dream of meeting the Queen of England.

The Kindle version includes a BONUS TEACHING GUIDE for grades 2 – 6. The Teaching Guide, has themes, key dates, discussion questions and suggested student activities, to assist with creating a lesson plan based on this true story.

The Notice  In 1992, Bosnia & Herzegovina is a young nation on the brink of destruction. Devastated by passionate cries for independence and a complicated holy war, it has become the battleground for the most violent and brutal crimes in Europe since the end of World War II. In the fictional town of Zenovica, located in the mountains north of Sarajevo, Violeta Petrovic has watched these events unfold on the news with wide-eyed disbelief. She questions the possibility that such bedlam and betrayal could ever find its way to her community.

However, when Violet witnesses the vicious murder of an elderly Muslim woman by one of her Serb countrymen, she realizes that the same war is festering in her own neighborhood. Suddenly, she is no longer allowed to play with the children who dress in green and call themselves “Bosniaks”, for they are the Muslim betrayers who have brought war to the Balkans for centuries. She is told to ignore the trucks of battered refugees who enter her town daily to seek shelter in the local football stadium from gangs of militiamen and thugs. These are the orders of her stubborn, young companion Goran, who has taken control of their friends with his hateful rhetoric.

Only when Violet meets the ghost of Sanja Imamović does she begin to realize how truly heartbreaking Bosnia’s war is… and how difficult it will be to stop.  

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