In Memory of Missey Gray, Today is Heartschooling Day…..

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Missey called homeschooling, Heartschoolingwith a focus on her childrens’ hearts.

She died giving birth on 3/1/06, from an amniotic fluid embolism during her Caesarean section. She was a Five in a Row (FIAR) mom and moderated the Basically Beechick yahoo group. Missey left behind 3 girls, one boy and the baby girl, Missey Kate, she was delivering, as well as her husband, Tom, friends and family.

Since Missey’s death, many of us have tried to remember her by making March 1 a day that we focus on the heart, not the school work or hectic pace of our lives. A  day dedicated to just enjoying our children and making memories. I usually allow Ben to choose what we do on this day, and it generally includes something sweet to eat and a movie rental.  We’ll see what he decides for this year.  But I can assure you, it will not include math!

The December before Missey died, she took a break from homeschooling to just snuggle with her kids, love them and enjoy the blessings God had given her. I’m sure her children are grateful for some of the last memories of their mother just loving them and being with them, which is why setting aside the anniversary of her death, to do the same with our own children, is so special. 

In Memory of Missey Gray, March 1 is Heartschooling Day.  I hope you’ll join us in remembering Missey and dedicate today to “heartschooling” your kids.  You can still read Missey’s blog here.  I encourage you to do so.  You will be blessed by her heart.

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  • terese

    Thanks for the reminder, Marcy. Missey was such an inspiration to me.

  • *~ Tina ~*

    I second Terese’s sentiments. Missey was creative, generous, caring, and a blessing to so many. Gone too soon.


    I remember her and loved her philosophy!

    If you feel led, I’d love for you to help spread the word. I’ve created a post on my blog to help keep Missey’s precious insight alive and spreading to others on this “Heart Schooling Day”.