Lenten Calendar, Prayer Journal, and Live Simply Jar

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Ben and I made the final preparations for our Lent study today. I thought I would share some pictures with you all.
This is our Lenten Calendar. I made the squares in Word, printed them on cardstock and mounted them to card stock (2-12×12 sheets taped together). We’ll simply draw a cross into the squares with a highlighter to mark off the days. It’s hanging on our kitchen wall.

Here is our “Live Simply” jar. This is where we will save our change during Lent, along with the cost of the meals we are fasting. We are also contemplating ways we can raise more money for the jar, perhaps by making something to sell or offering our services for a donation. This money will be donated to World Vision to help with the food crisis in the world. In our study today, Ben and I learned that 53% of all deaths of children younger than 5 are linked to hunger. 5.1 million children die from hunger each year. That is 14,000 children a day, or one child every seven seconds. Those statistics brought both Ben and me to tears. We must do something to help!
“Live Simply So That Others May Simply Live”
And lastly, this is our prayer journal. We began the journal by placing pictures of our family members, closest friends, and an African Christmas ornament (to remind us to pray for the lost, orphans and the hungry of the world) inside the book. The book is 8.5×11 so that we have plenty of room to write in specific prayer requests and how our prayers are answered. There are also plenty of extra pages to write in prayer requests for other needs.

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