Snow milkshakes!!

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With several inches of snow on the ground, it only makes sense to throw snowballs, build a snowman, sled a little…..and make snow cream! Ben had the idea to make milkshakes! So we did….
Here are the ingredients. You don’t actually need the maple syrup, though you could use it with regular milk, in place of sweetened condensed milk. It’s just there because we’re making sugar on snow candy next.
Pack your glasses with snow….it takes a lot of snow for a milkshake, and you really want to pack it into the glass.
Add about a tsp. of vanilla extract to the can of sweetened condensed milk and stir. Then add that mixture to your ice and stir.

Voila! you have a milkshake…just add the straw and enjoy!


Don’t forget to call Nana to tell her all about it, since she couldn’t make it over in the snow.

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  • Carolynn

    He certainly looks excited to be calling Nana! 😉