Delight-directed Learning: Delightful Planning

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Incredible! With a lot of help from some of my good friends, we have made it to day 31 of 31 Days of Delight-directed Learning. It has been a challenging month but so worth all of the effort, late nights, and collaborating with other bloggers to make it happen.  I pray that this series has […]

Delight-directed Learning: One Week at a Time

Delight-directed Learning One Week at a Time

Earlier this week, we took a look at how you could introduce delight-directed learning into your homeschool with a one-day-a-week method. That works really well for many families who have a boxed curriculum that will allow for a 4-day homeschool week.  But what about those of you who don’t wish to devote one day every […]

Delight-directed Learning: One Day A Week Is All It Takes

Delight-directed Learning One Day a Week Is All It Takes

When I begin sharing about using delight-directed learning, especially how we homeschool this way all of the time, a few people begin getting a little nervous. For some reason, many homeschool moms are married to their curriculum choices. I understand this because curriculum can be expensive. And some of you are just planners by nature. […]

Parent Training Center Giveaway for Churches

Parent Training Center Giveaway for Churches

I am excited to share this very inspiring and useful giveaway for churches from the National Center for Biblical Parenting, introducing you to a new service they are providing specifically to introduce churches to the concept of becoming Parent Training Centers. I hope that you will all enter this giveaway in order to gift the […]

Delight-directed Learning: Delightful Days in a Mason Jar

Delight-directed Learning Delightful Days in a Mason Jar

When using a delight-directed approach to homeschooling, there will be days or weeks when you’ll ask your kids what they want to learn about next, and in return, you’ll get a blank stare.  These are the times when being prepared with a simple Mason jar full of ideas will help save the homeschool day.  The […]

Delight-directed Learning: Homeschooling High School

Delight-directed Learning What About High School

  *** Entering the world of homeschooling high school can bring extra work and stress to a mom. There are more obligations to fulfill when you have to make sure your child has enough credits and is getting through all the material they need to receive those credits. So how could there be room for […]

Delight-directed Learning: Is My Family Too Large?

Delight-directed Learning Is My Family Too Large

I am Mom to five children ranging in age from 4 to 17. Some may think that managing that many children is difficult, and they may be right. Others might say that homeschooling them is downright impossible. I am here to tell you that, not only is it possible to homeschool a large family, you […]